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Harm Reduction Worker (Keighley)

Purpose of the Job

  • To support the people who use our needle exchanges.
  • To directly intervene with people who use our services in a one-to-one setting to help them to address their problematic alcohol/drug use or other specific issues.
  • To provide support in the community for individuals and families with the aim of helping them to make the positive lifestyle changes that will aid their recovery.
  • To support and signpost individuals and families to engage with other supportive services

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • To review and assess the needs of service users with an alcohol or drug problem within a variety of settings
  • To support service users to improve general health, including dietary needs, personal hygiene,
  • To support service users to improve their social situation, including assistance with housing, benefits, accessing community services and budgeting.
  • To work with service users to remove any structural and social barriers to accessing treatment services
  • To support individuals and families to access appropriate treatment and recovery services.
  • Keep accurate and confidential records
  • Produce relevant documents and reports in support of the role.
  • Attend and contribute to meetings with other staff and partners.
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