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New Community Trainers Start Training

A group of volunteers who have been trained to be community trainers hold their first session at New Vision Bradford.

The volunteers have been trained by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to be community trainers and are now offering CPR training to as many people as possible across the service. This is part of their new campaign called Beating Hearts which was launched by New Vision Bradford.

Sean Ridley, Project Manager, at New Vision Bradford who is leading the campaign said: “Our aim is to teach CPR to as many people as possible across our service, from people accessing support to staff members, leading to more people knowing what to do in an emergency, leading to better outcomes for those who need help”.

“We have over 2000 people that access support through our service, if we can train even a quarter of that then that is another 500 people in the community that know how to perform CPR should they ever need to”.

“The first day and launch of the campaign was fantastic, the volunteers made me feel very proud. They trained 15 people in total in just one morning and were really enthusiastic in their delivery. We even had a drop in from our commissioner who is now trained in CPR!”

Michelle Mawdsley, one of the community trainers said: “We’ve had a successful first drop in session and we have trained more than 15 people. It’s been good to share the training we have received with others and now it is going to be possible to save lives”.

Dave Jones, Community Engagement Manager with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service said: “It’s fantastic to see the newly qualified trainers already putting their new skills to good use. We know that in many medical emergencies the first few minutes are critical and if effective treatment can be performed within those first minutes, lives can be saved and disability reduced”.

The team will be holding many more drop ins and planned sessions over the coming months as well as attending local community venues and hostels to deliver the training.

This training was funded by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charitable Fund.